Samal Eternal Garden  (Samal Island Heaven Valley Corporation)

Agreement   (Updated Oct 12 2022)

1.PURCHASER agreed the following conditions as follows;


2.PURCHASER agrees to pay the SELLER in Philippine currency the foregoing contract price.

c. Payments shall be made at the SELLERs office Samal Island Heaven Valley Corporation

or transferred to the following Gcash account.

Gcash account number



3.In the event PURCHASER shall not be able to pay its balance for 90days, then,this agreement shall be considered automatically cancelled or terminated with the PURCHASER full  knowledge  that the SELLERs notice of cancellation or termination is no longer necessary,In  such  event, all payments made by the PURCHASER are deemed forfeited in favor to  the SELLER, the same being considered as liquidated damages. And receipts of payment made by the PURCHASER  after  its automatic  cancellation are considered non-refundable

4.The PURCHASER hereby agrees that the interment space and eternal stone can be used only.  

5.Subject to the written approval of the SELLER, the PURCHASER may sell, transfer or assign its interment space in favor of any person anytime subject to the Rules and Regulations of the SELLER.

6.SELLER shall issue to the PURCHASER a CERTIFICATE of OWNERSHIP to the aforesaid interment space upon his/her full payment of the contract price. The certificate shall issue to be subject to the Rules and Regulations of the SELLER of the SELLERs Samal Eternal Garden as well as to pertinent laws of the government, now existing or may be promulgated in the future.

7. Interment spaces shall be identified only by flat markers made of either marble, granite, bronze or stone conforming to the Rules and Regulations of the SELLER, Subject to SELLERs written approval.

8.PURCHASER manifests that prior to the signing of this agreement he/she has inspected and verified the status of said Samal Eternal Garden, and that he/she has carefully read and understood the terms and conditions stipulated therein both in this language and in the dialect known to him.

9. SELLER holds burial, PURCHASER can interment  unlimited human ash and pet.Palm tree lot limited 2 remains.

10. PURCHASER possible to sale to other person. But SELLER do not bear all responsibility when he/she purchases it from an individual and a reseller. In addition, in that case, a name change procedure is necessary. The name change fee is 500P.

11. When damage occurs by PURCHASER intention or fault in honor and the facilities of the Samal Eternal Garden. SELLER do present conditions recovery in the responsibility ,and  PURCHASER  bears the expense.

12. If damage occurs due to natural calamities like earthquakes, typhoons, floods, SELLER and PURCHASER will consult with the whales and try to recover.

13. In the case of ashes, tombstone theft, or loss, SELLER are responsible for pursuing restoration to the perpetrator by legal proceedings.

If the perpetrator is incapable of animals or responsibility, restoration of the original condition will be carried out in  SELLER ,but PURCHASER incurs an obligation to bear the actual cost.

14. The interment remains cannot be returned.

15. Only the SELLER can made the burial with the PURCHASER presence, at the time of burial ,it is necessary to present a Certificate of Ownership issued by SELLER and a burial permit issued by Island Garden City of  Samal.

16. Please notify us immediately if there are changes in PURCHASER,s address or the addition of a deposit determiner.

17. SELLER can cancel his permission if he/she violates this provision or acts as a nuisance to another company, or against SELLER, a bribe, or slander.

PURCHASER agrees to pay SELLER  one million pesos as a penalty.

18. The amount of remain that can be buried shall be in accordance with the provisions of SELLER.

19. All laws of the Philippines apply to the interpretation and implementation of these terms.

20. These terms and conditions are subject to change and revision without notice. therefore, the terms and conditions will apply.

21. The Sellers should be aware of natural disasters or unavoidable circumstances.When the time PURCHASER not use yet. The Seller can change to another lots without PURCHASER’s permission.

22.Tomb Stone 1.One size per lot:20cmx30cmx2cm 2.Horizontal 3.Limit:One stone per lot.

 23. About Hanami garden .After direct burial of pets, small pets (less than 50 cm) cannot be buried in the lot for 1 year and large pets (50 cm or more) for 2 years.